Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

It's a little desert and everyone really likes it

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  1. Mix Cool Whip and yogurt together.
  2. Put in pie crust.
  3. Set in freezer until ready to serve.
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i remember this pie. one of my grandsons just loved it. he's a cook now but i bet he hasn't had this pie in a long time. we have a family party aug.8 and i believe i know what i'm making. thank you so much everyone chef 249610

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This was so easy and so tasty. My husband two children and I ate this in one day. My husband has requested I make anther one as soon as possible. Thanks for posting.

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I made this in home ec in high school once. My kids love it and it only takes a minute or two (literally) to put it together. Now if i only had a lock for the freezer door while we wait for it to set.