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I forgot to rate it in my earlier review - it is 5 stars!

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Edmonds April 18, 2010

Sorry if this review is long but I wanted to give you my trials and successes on this one. First off let me say, my DH was so impressed. He isnt a pita man but he said these are better than bread and any pita's he's ever had! Ok, I was a little appliance challenged for this recipe but through trial and error, I conquered. I have an industrial mixer, however, it has 2 blades and all the dough kept squeezing to the top and wouldnt mix. So I thought I would use my bread machine. Well, I had it on dough setting and after it was done, the outside of the dough was too dry and crispy. I made them anyway. Although they didnt rise, they were still absolutely delicious. We used them as pizza bread instead. Ok, then I tried the dough setting but removed the dough after mixing and didnt let the bread machine make it rise. I then followed the recipe to rise for 30 mins. and so on. The HOLY GRAIL!!! Boy was it worth it to keep trying. I just dumped all the ingredients in and took it out when it was done. How easy! This is now my new bread for everything!

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kbcountrymom August 07, 2009

I was so pleased with how these turned out. I'm not a baker but these were fun to make with the kids. They loved watching them puff up! I will definitely be making these again.

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iluvmythomas February 14, 2009

These pitas are so awesome. The first time I made them I was so amazed watching them puff up in the oven. I made these all summer in place of bread. They were perfect for taking on the boat and to the beach. Not as messy as sandwiches! My daughter loved penut butter and honey in hers. Tuna salad was a fave of ours, as well as chicken salad. And just good ole turkey sandwich fixings were great! I found if I rolled them out too big they wouldn't puff as well, so keep to the 7 inches. And occasionally I would have a few that wouldn't puff all the way, but we just smeared honey on those and ate them warm. Mmmmm! Thanks for a great recipe!!

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AprilAnn September 22, 2008

20 stars! This recipe is so delicious. I had so much fun making these. I used 2 cups white whole wheat flour and 2 cups white bread flour, and substituted sugar for the honey since I'm not a fan of honey in my bread. This makes store bought pitas taste like dry paper! ha ha. Thanks so much for sharing this quick, easy and VERY YUMMY pita recipe! No need to even try others now! ;-)

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zaar mate June 05, 2008

I have made this many times and with great sucess. I only use 1 tsp salt and i use a packet of regular yeast. i put it all in the bread machine on 'pizza dough'. i cook it on a pizza stone in my oven and it puffs up every time. i do also try to roll it slightly thicker so it can stand up to 'stuffing'.

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MargoMart May 17, 2008

Ok.. The day before yesterday I made white pitas. Today I made these whole wheat pitas. They, too.. turned out wonderful. Great flavor. Good dough to work with. I used the full amount of gluten and subbed sugar for the honey. More water was needed in my dough, but that could be due to many factors. I used King Arthur unbleached whole wheat flour. I made good use of my Kitchen Aid mixer and let the dough hook knead the dough for about 7-8 minutes. I let the dough rise for 2 hours. After that I punched it down and shaped into 8 smooth balls and covered 4 of them to rest for about 10 minutes. The other balls I wrapped and froze for a later date. I'm not sure if they'll work.. but it's worth a try. Anyway.. after the 10 minutes of resting I rolled the first 4 of them out and covered with a damp towel to rest for another 15 minutes. My oven rack is lined with unglazed quarry tiles so after preheating my oven to 500 degrees I just flipped the pita dough over and put it on the tiles. They took about 3.5 minutes and they were puffy and picture perfect. I turned them over for about 40 seconds and brought them out and wrapped in a kitchen towel to cool so they'd stay soft. This is a great recipe. UPDATE: I tried freezing the balls. I defrosted in the refrigerator in a custard cup (covered with plastic wrap) when I left for work. When I got home for lunch the ball was defrosted and I rolled it out onto a cutting board and covered it with plastic wrap. Two hours later when I got home from work I preheated the oven with the unglazed quarry tiles in it and flipped the pita over onto them. I baked for about 4-1/2 minutes, turning once. It was more beautiful than the day before!! The way it puffed up was incredible. The pocket was wide and the pita was light and delicious! WhoooHooo!!

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luvmybge March 26, 2008

I followed the recipe exactly (3 Tbls. gluten) and the pita breads turned out puffy, chewy, and wonderful! This is the best pita bread recipe I've ever tried. Great to go with homemade falafel. I'll be making these often.

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kipandcandy February 29, 2008

Review update: Here's what I have done to make this recipe work even better. It's nice and simple and quite good as is, but after having made it multiple times, I found a couple changes that were really helpful. First, I use the maximum amount of gluten and increase the salt to a scant tablespoon. I use half whole wheat flour and half unbleached white flour, rather than bread flour. And finally, I make 10 pita instead of 8, and bake them for 5 minutes. The pita puff up SO much better when they're smaller! We just had them for lunch with spicy lamb and Mean Chef's tzatziki.

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A Messy Cook December 29, 2007

I put all ingredients in my bread maker and let it go. The pitas turned out good, a little chewy but that's because I didn't have any bread flour (only AP). Good recipe, will make again.

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PickledSeeds March 20, 2007
Whole Wheat Pita