Super Easy Lemon Pie

Total Time
8hrs 10mins
10 mins
8 hrs

I don't remember where I got this recipe, but it is my husband's favorite summertime pie. Using reduced fat or fat free items makes this a tasty but low calorie dessert. Cooking time is time to freeze.

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  1. Combine yogurt, dry gelatin and Cool Whip mixing well. Spoon into the pie crust. Freeze for several hours or overnight.
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I hate to admit it, but this four ingredient, ridiculously easy pie tastes very good! Gave it a trial run before our Cool-Whip loving daughter visits--she's sure to love this lemony and creamy pie. I bet other reviewers will agree.

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Wow, such great taste and a lot of flavor, with only 4 ingredients! I know this will be devoured quickly, and I also know that I'll be making it again. I used regular Jello, with RF cool whip and light yogurt. I did look for the brand of yogurt you specified, and didn't find it, but didn't let that deter me! Thanks so much for sharing, DeniseBC!

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Good basic quick lemon pie.