Sugar-free Apple Pie

Total Time
1hr 20mins
20 mins
1 hr

This is my favorite apple pie recipe, minus the sugar (For our diabetic friends and family members)

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  1. Crust:.
  2. Cut shortening into flour.
  3. Beat egg; add water, vinegar and salt.
  4. Combine all together and roll out, makes two double pie crusts.
  5. Pie Filling:.
  6. Peel and slice apples and put in unbaked pie crust.
  7. Cut butter in two or three pieces and put on top of apples.
  8. Mix sugar and flour together.
  9. sprinkle sugar mixture over apples.
  10. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of all.
  11. Top with crust.
  12. Bake at 400°F ten minutes.
  13. Reduce oven temperature to 350°F and continue baking for 40 minutes longer.