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Oh my, great pie! TDF!!! I did cut the sugar to 1 1/8 cups and increased the lemon zest to 3 Tbsp. (still plenty of sweet to tart flavor.), This is so creamy and the taste--as my elderly neighbors commented--is the best Chess Pie they had tasted in 85 of their years. Made for the Cobbler, Pie and Tart Challenge in Cooking Photos.

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Caroline Cooks July 14, 2008

I made two different lemon chess pies so I have some points of comparison. This recipe won for the thickness of the pie filling and sweetness. It lost points in not having enough lemon flavor. I would definitely recommend increasing the lemon juice by at least another 1 tbsp. It is very sweet so additional lemon juice will not over-power the pie. As the cook, I loved that it was very easy to put together. I will be making again with additional lemon juice.

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Rachel in NC May 17, 2010

I was looking for a recipe like my grandmother's and found this. Made it for Thanksgiving 2014, after reading probably 30 chess pie recipes and deciding this one sounded right. It was great! I followed a few tips from other recipes, reduced the butter and also let it "cool" in the oven after turning off the heat. I think this allowed the middle to cook just right. I wanted to add this back into our family tradition and I'm so glad I found this. It's a keeper!

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Lori L. November 29, 2014

Looking for a Lemon Chess Pie recipe like mine, I found this one. Just trying not to have to enter mine, yet to have a copy on line. Thank you for posting and saving me the time! Sweet/tart are right up there with sweet/salty for my taste buds!

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Janet Musgrove January 01, 2013

This pie is so delicious! My husband just loves it too.This is my favorite recipe for lemon chess pie.We make it every year for Thanksgiving and it's usually the first pie to get eaten.I just use a frozen crust but I would like to try it with a graham cracker crust sometime.It's got such a delicious tart yet sweet lemony flavor and a creamy texture.The top gets slightly crisp..yum! I wouldn't change a thing with this recipe..it's the best!

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officemaintenance February 24, 2010

This pie is so refreshing. It is sweet and has tang all at the same time!! Loved it!! Thanks!!

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Lacy S. July 24, 2006
Southern Style Lemon Chess Pie Filling