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Oh my goodness! This recipe is wonderful! Sadly, I forgot to start the pre-ferment the night before, so I did it first thing Saturday morning. (Not sure why directions say to use a "non-metal" bowl - "non-reactive" bowl, maybe? I used the same stainless bowl I always use for bread with no problem.) Saturday evening (12 hours later), I made the dough and stuck it in the fridge for another 12 hours; when I pulled it out Sunday morning, it had filled the gallon zip-top bag. I turned it out into a lightly oiled bowl and let rise. By noon, the dough was rising above the bowl, and I shaped it into 4 small-to-medium sized loaves (there are just 2 of us - one loaf was perfect for a quick taste, dinner, and toast for one of us the next morning!). The scent of rosemary even while the bread was rising was amazing, let alone while it was baking. . . we did not spray with water while baking - baked the loaves 40 minutes, then brushed with butter when they came out of the oven -- perfect! This recipe is going in my "most favorite" collection! Thank you!

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KrisLady April 07, 2008

Excellent bread. I halved the recipe and formed into 2 loaves. In a hurry and, apparently, not paying attention when I mixed the preferment, I didn't notice until proceeding with the recipe the following day that I was supposed to have added the potatoes (I just added them to the dough then). I substituted olive oil for the butter, used the KitchenAid to knead the dough, and let the loaves rise in makeshift bannetons. I also steam my oven a bit differently. I preheat well ahead at a higher temperature (usually 500F; in this case,450F), with a heavy pan in the bottom of the oven under the baking stone. Immediately after I slide the loaves onto the stone, I pour about a cup of hot water into the pan (using a watering pitcher with a long spout), which creates a burst of steam. I spray the oven walls with water after 30 seconds, then 2 more times 30 seconds apart, then reduce the oven temperature and finish baking. (Note to anyone spraying water into their oven: Do not spray the light bulbs!) I didn't tent the loaves with foil, as I didn't feel they were overbrowning. Great recipe--thanks for posting!

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GaylaJ February 14, 2006

What a nice dough to work with. And the scent while baking was great. Tried the bread while still slightly warm with butter, yummy !! Then made chicken panini (roasted red pepper and havarti cheese), just a piece of heaven ! Thanks for sharing.

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macera44 March 15, 2010

Really great loaf of bread here. The only changes I made were to leave out the sugar and rosemary and add three tsp. of wheat gluten for lightness(I toned down the recipe to just one loaf). Love it!

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cause4chubbyhubby May 01, 2008

I adjusted this recipe to make dinner rolls for Thanksgiving. The only change I made was the addition of an egg, beaten in at step 4. The rolls were delicious.

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Al_H. December 07, 2006

Made this today and as previously stated it does make a huge quantity. I got 2 loaves and 5 large rolls. The only thing I changed in this recipe was to substitute the sugar for organic honey. It makes a really lovely loaf with beautiful taste and crumb. This will be one of my go to recipes for sourdough.

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K1968 July 25, 2013

Great recipe for a true taste of artisan bread. Before finding this recipe and getting started with sourdoughs, I used to buy two potato and rosemary sourdough loaves each week, paying almost ?4 each! I can honestly say (along with my family!) that this bread is truly as good if not better! And so easy!!! Try it toasted and buttered with your favourite thick soup. Mmmmmmm also makes the best cheese toasties

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kipperguffy June 05, 2012

Terrific recipe for using my sourdough starter and the abundance of fresh rosemary I had. This made 3 huge loaves and next time I'll try to half the recipe and add more rosemary. I baked these on a stone instead of a baking sheet and the crust came out crispy while the interior was a perfectly soft and tender crumb. No problem with over browning. Although the recipe doesn't state to knead, I did knead for a few minutes after combining all ingredients until a soft and even consistency. Thanks for a great sourdough recipe to add to my repertoire!

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CobraLimes October 26, 2007

The texture of this lovely loaf is soft and springy inside while the rosemary scent is heavenly. We were very pleased with the outcome ~ A perfect bread for special sandwiches. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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Deb's Recipes August 03, 2006

I used the instant mashed potatoes as suggested and allowed this to sit overnight. This resulted in a very active starter that rose quickly and produced a wonderful product. I opted to make 2 baguettes and 8 burger rolls. We had the bread with dinner tonight and it is very tasty with a nice crust.

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PaulaG July 22, 2006
Sourdough Rosemary Potato Bread