Quick and Easy Ice Cream Pie

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Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

This is a great dessert that can be made while dinner is cooking or the night before a party. Make extras, goes fast!!

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  • 1 9-inch Oreo cookie pie crust
  • 12 gallon ice cream (I like cookies 'n cream the best)
  • squeezable chocolate syrup
  • squeezable caramel ice cream topping (smuckers makes good ones)
  • crushed Heath candy bars (for topping) or crushed Skor candy bar (for topping)


  1. let ice cream soften slightly .
  2. spread evenly in pie crust.
  3. squeeze chocolate syrup over pie in a criss-cross motion .
  4. do the same with the caramel syrup in oppostie direction .
  5. sprinkle top of pie with the crushed candy topping .
  6. freeze until ready to serve .
  7. any combination of ice cream and toppings works wonderfully, this just happens to be my favorite combination !