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I have made this many times now. Perfect every time. The only one time it didn't come out as perfect was a problem of the kind of spinach I used. It still retained a lot of water after being squeezed and the filling turned out way too moist. It is a very nice and great recipe. Thank you for sharing.

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Rice & Beans June 22, 2008

yummy! although mine did not look like tink's LOL! This was very good and fairly easy. It had a light italian flavor. I thought it could use more garlic and more cheese. I did add the cheese into the mix as well as on top, but I like cheese :D

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Cuistot June 05, 2008

This had alot of preparation involved, so it became a little messy for me. I increased the Asiago cheese and put inside with the mixture as opposed to on top, which made the bread taste great. I enjoyed it very much.

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Studentchef May 01, 2008

Great taste, great smell! Just plain GREAT! Well, it DID take a lot of preparation, but that didn't bother me! Pretty much followed the recipe, but I included a bit more garlic in with the spinach! I couldn't have been happier with the taste & with the raves it got! Thanks for sharing! [Made & reviewed for one of the chefs I adopted in this Spring's PAC]

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Sydney Mike April 07, 2008

This had great flavor, but I did have a few problems. I made the bread in the bread machine using the dough cycle and it worked well. The bread rolled out perfectly too. My biggest problem was the bread fell in the middle after coming out of the oven & being brushed with butter. I think there was almost too much of the spinach filling. Sprinkling the cheese on top of the loaf & then brushing with butter caused the cheese to fall off. Next time I will add the cheese to the filling & use part of the butter before it bakes. This had a nice herby flavor in the bread & the filling was colorful in the swirl. Very tasty! Note: I used the leftover bread to make garlic bread for a meal later in the week. Yummy! 4 stars method 5 stars taste

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Susie D February 27, 2008

Any chef who likes to bake, and especially one who likes the herbal and the cheesy kinds of bread, will not be able to resist this recipe. The process is a delight, the aroma from the oven a treat, and the product is delicious. There are some problems, however. The spiral trapped air and created large voids in the slice, especially at the top, and the spinach looks more like cooked vegetables than herbal decoration. Great possibilities but needs some refinement.

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Lavender Lynn February 24, 2008

Excellent! I made the dough in my breadmaker with high-gluten flour and added capers to the filling since there were capers in with my sun-dried tomatoes. I missed the instruction to put it in a loaf pan so I baked mine on a flat sheet. The loaf looked like it was small enough to keep it's shape but it rose so much in the proving stage that I ended up with a very wide loaf with filling in the middle instead of a swirl. It deserves a swirl and I will definitely do it in a loaf tin next time. Served this to some friends and they couldn't believe I made it. If only they knew how easy it is!! Thanks. Made for RSC #11

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RonaNZ February 23, 2008

YUMMY! I made this with an Italian Vegetable soup and we all loved it! I am not very good at bread-baking, but this recipe turned out great and we ate almost the whole loaf (that would be two adults and two preschoolers... I wouldn't quite call it 16 servings. :)). I loved the crispy cheesy topping and may even put a little cheese inside the bread as well. For some reason my loaf separated so there was a space between the top crust and the layer of filling, so it was a little difficult to slice, but it didn't hinder us from eating lots! Thanks for a great recipe that I will definitely be making again!

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Al Al February 23, 2008

4 stars! This is good. I am sure the flavor would have been stronger if I had had some sun dried tomatoes in oil but I had to substitute some minced seeded vine ripe tomatos soaked in olive oil.I also sprinkled asiango grated cheese with the cooled spinach and onions. We like the cheese. I did not put in a loaf pan but on an oiled flat baking tray. There were no restraints to the form that way. It is larger and very appealing and great taste. I am sorry I had to substitute.

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Montana Heart Song February 22, 2008

5 Stars - This is a hands down winner with my family. I used a stand mixer to make the dough & needed to add 1/4 cup more flour (in place of what would get picked up off a floured board, I suppose). The bread rose nicely both times, baked up in 40 minutes & when sliced was moist & flavorful. The colorful spiral throughout the loaf was just beautiful. The dinner I had made to serve with it was a disappointment & we ended up eating this bread with tomato soup. I must say, it made a can of Campbell’s taste really special! We will be making this again, for sure. I may try adding some extra garlic or garlic powder to the spinach mixture as well as brushed on top. Made, enjoyed & reviewed for RSC#11, January 2008.

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**Tinkerbell** February 22, 2008
Little Bit of Everything Swirl Bread