Key Lime Pie (Sugar Free - Splenda)

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Total Time
3hrs 20mins
20 mins
3 hrs

A creamy cool pie without sugar - derived from a variety of similar receipes, but I intended to have a creamy filling while minimizing the taste artificial sweeteners can have. Cook time indicates time to chill.

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  1. Use a food processor to turn cookies into crumbs. Combine crumbs with melted butter and press mixture into the botom of a pie plate.
  2. Combine gelatin and milk in a pot on the stove. Whisk while cooking over low heat until gelatin is dissolved.
  3. Pour whipping cream into a blender and blend until thick and fluffy. Pour into small bowl and stir in 1 tsp Spenda. Cover and refrigerate.
  4. In the blender, combine yogurt, cream cheese, lime juice, and zest in blender until smooth. Add gelatin and remaining Splenda. Blend an additional 15 seconds.
  5. Pour into crust and refrigerate the pie for 3 hours or overnight for best results. Top with whipped cream to serve.
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5 5

Great diabetic pie. No funny after taste like most diabetic desserts. I'm not diabetic however, I make this for many diabetics and they love it. Awesome recipe.

5 5

Very tasty treat for diabetics. The filling was creamy and sweet-tart and very easy to put together. Made for Fall 2009 PAC.