Dressed-Up Angel Food Cake

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Total Time
10 mins
0 mins

This is an easy and low-fat desert. Anytime I have to bring a desert to a get-together, I always bring this. I never have left-overs to bring home!

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  1. Cut the cake in half horizontally.
  2. Spoon the pudding onto the bottom half of the cake, place the top half back on.
  3. Ice the cake with the thawed cool whip.
  4. Slice and serve with the strawberries.
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I love strawberries on angel food cake and the pudding really dressed this up. Thanks for a great recipe! (and an easy one too)

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5 5

I made this with Angel Food Cake - Homemade for my hubbies birthday. Everyone had seconds. My nephew had thirds...Thanks for a great recipe.