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Very delicious and easy to make! The brownie was probably the best brownie I have ever made or tasted. The peanut butter topping gave it the extra richness! My family all loved it, and it was gone within a matter of minutes.

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Jean Kathleen Wilson December 23, 2013

yummm these are good. they taste exactly like reeses, especially the topping. i used normal caster sugar, white self-raising flour and didnt use the extra choc chips at the end. they are really gooey and also a bit fiddly and heaps of washing up which can be hard. and it didnt make 24-36, more like 16... but pretty nice :)

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chocolatechick7 August 13, 2011

YUM! Super good recipe...slight subs and changes because of diet, habit and what was at hand :) like homemade nut butter, egg replacers, vanilla soy milk...and finely chopped chocolate instead of chips...whatever the case worked out delish...a peanut-butter chocoholics dream come true :) made for the "I Recommend Tag Game" and I so do recommend this recipe to anybody NUM YUMMY :) -Thanks for a big winner!!!

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free-free October 11, 2008

Too sweet for our taste. The reason that I rate 3 stars rather than 4 is that after polling the family, although they were good, this particular brownie recipe is not one that anyone said that they would request again. I also didn't get anywhere near 36 servings out of a 9X9 pan. Those would be mighty-tiny brownies!

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Ms*Bindy August 24, 2008

We really liked these, but they didn't quite live up to what I was expecting being a chocolate peanut butter fan. I couldn't taste the peanut butter in the brownie, even with chunky peanut butter. There's also a lot going on with the 3 components of this, and with the texture. One thing I did love was the extra chocolate chips that were stirred into the batter. Fresh out of the oven, they melt in your mouth, liquidy chocolateness! This makes a very thick batter that turns into a dense brownie, almost like a flourless chocolate cake. I think I would have preferred a little more flour and leavening, so they would be more cakey, but that's probably personal preference. We don't like things too sweet, so I cut out one third of the sweetener in the brownies, and half of the sugar in the topping (I wouldn't call it frosting). I did step 2 in the microwave, and step 8 by hand. Mine also puffed up unevenly after baking, but they mostly flattened back down once cooled, and it is undiscernible once the topping is on them. I did not store these in the refrigerator, and I think they actually got better the second day. Overall, we did really like these, but would need a little tweaking to become a 5 star recipe for us.

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Maito August 24, 2008

These are deliciously rich brownies. My sons and DH just loved them. You definitely need some milk with these. The peanut butter frosting was just perfect, too, and I have had a hard time finding a good peanut butter frosting in the past. These are very yummy!

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Lainey6605 August 24, 2008

These are a wonderful fudgy p.b. tasting brownie that was right up my ally. And, I love dark chocolate!!! Some of my all time favorite ingredients all rolled up like fudge. I cut mine in 1 inch squares and wrapped in saranwrap for the freezer. You don't need a very big piece as these are quite rich. These would be perfect little morsels for any holiday tray~Good job with this creation. Made for RSC#12~

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CoffeeB August 23, 2008

These brownies were awesome! I love the peanut butter and dark chocolate combo, very rich and fudgey. I could taste the peanut flavor in the brownies themselves, but then I used chunky peanut butter for that part, so there were lovely bits of peanuts throughout. And the peanut butter frosting was just fabulous, although I ended up adding more milk than stated to get it to a frosting consistency I liked. But the spreading consistency is a preference really so I would use more or less milk in it to your liking. The chocolate drizzle just sends these right over the top too, thanks so much for this recipe, and good luck!

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Midwest Maven August 23, 2008

Fresh from the oven these are super rich and delicious; however, they seem to loose flavor after sitting in the fridge overnight. It appears that the prep time and cooking time is off as is the amount of servings. I got 20 servings instead of the 36 given. I would recommend sticking with a 9 inch square pan as they puffed up on one side making the appearance off. The topping gave me a little trouble. I think that the amount of milk would be better listed as 1 to 2 tablespoons and not 3-4. Good luck in RSC #12.

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PaulaG August 22, 2008

I cooked for over 30 minutes and they did not reach a brownie consistency. It was a very good,rich fudge with a rich frosting too - a couple bites is all we could eat, like candy. Great fudge though; a taster said it's like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup!

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FLKeysJen August 22, 2008
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies