Total Time
4hrs 8mins
Prep 4 hrs
Cook 8 mins

these are wonderful preperation. time includes chilling time for dough..

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. in bowl, cream butter and sugar.beat in egg and vanilla.combine dry ingredients, gradually add to creamed mixture -- add cherry and lemon juice, stir in nuts and cherries.add cherry and lemon juice.stir in nuts and cherries.
  2. shape into 4 12" rolls, wrap each roll in plastic wrap --
  3. refrigerate 4 hours or till firm.
  4. unwrap and cut into 1/4" slices.
  5. place 2" apart on ungreased sheets.
  6. bake at 375* for 8=10 minutes or edges begin to brown --
  7. remove to racks to cool.
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Woo hoo! I've been looking for a good recipe for cherry icebox cookies, as they're a childhood favorite from a world-famous bakery in my hometown. I don't make my way back there very often and have missed them, so it's great to be able to make some at home. These aren't exactly the same, but they're quite close and the texture is excellent! I will definitely make them again. Thank you for posting the recipe! My family and friends of my hometown will all want to make these. :)

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I've been making these cookies for several years (although I found the recipe in a community cookbook) and love them. They are easy to make. I like to make them a day ahead and let them chill overnight. I also put the baked cookies in the freezer and they turn out great. Thanks for posting!!

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I love icebox cookies and these are just excellant. Thank you so much grandma 2969 for sharing your recipe. So tasty and so easy to make.