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Made these and the taste was to die for; however, since I couldn't find CUSTARD POWDER, I tried to use pudding and when I went to cut it the whole thing fell apart. I know this is my fault, not the recipe and the only thing I can think of is it's because I used the pudding. I'd love to get any hints on what others have done to prevent this. As I'd like to make them again. I'm sure there's a way to do this and I know they'd be a big hit on my cookie trays. The flavor of the coffee in the pudding is differant and soooo good. Thanks kolibri for a great recipe - I know my problems are with my technique.<br/><br/>12-22-13 - as an update, brought back custard powder from Trinidad so tried this again, with much better luck, firmer but still didn't hold shape like the lovely photo on the top, again the taste is great. I'm leaving them in the freezer to see if they can firm up better and will try to cut again and hope I get a better photo

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Bonnie G #2 December 23, 2013

Yummy, tastes like more! I cut this into squares & froze to keep on hand for unexpected guests or special treats, they keep really well in the freezer & are a huge hit with everyone so far. Thanks for posting!

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Jetje May 12, 2008

Once upon a time there was a red neck beast named Dugan who loved chocolate cake. His beautiful and modest wench Potsie decided it was time to broaden the beast Dugan's horizons and made him Cappuccino Nanaimo Bars instead. The beast named Dugan became very surly and indignant and pounded his hairy fists on the table. The beautiful and patient wench Potsie told the unruly beast that he was to have Cappuccino Nanaimo Bars or he shan't have any dessert at all! Reluctantly, the beast named Dugan timidly sampled this strange fare that had been placed before him. Soon, the growling and sneering stopped and was replaced by moans and one small giggle. The beautiful and content wench Potsie smiled upon the man with crumbs and custard in his beard and hastily went to the village and traded a goat for some red sandals and a bottle of Grey Goose to celebrate a job well done. The End. Edited 11-09-06: I made these delicious bars again for my birthday instead of a cake. Dugan and Mom loved them!

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Pot Scrubber November 09, 2006

These are FABULOUS!!!! I didn't seem to have enough chocolate to cover them as thick as Fairy Nuff did (from her photo) so when I make these again I will increase the amount of chocolate. I used premium gourmet chocolate and these were just sensational!!! I have wanted to make these for a year now, but was unable to get the Custard Powder. Although many sites say you can substitute vanilla pudding mix, I would definitely not do this with this recipe. Now that I have made them, there is no way those two ingredients could be the same. Thanks to Leslie for sending me the Custard Powder from Canada!!!! Gotta Love Zaar!!!! Thanks Milla!!!! Wonderful recipe! — Jul 1, 2006 UPDATED: I chose this recipe as my top choice (favorite) for the Zaar World Tour 2006.

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NcMysteryShopper August 09, 2006

OMG YUM!!! This is too good for words!!! LOVE Coffee flavoring of this!!! THanks for posting!!!

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kzbhansen July 01, 2006

10 stars... the bottom was a little bit crumbly,(I used chocolate digestive biscuits since we have no choc cookie crumbs here in NL)and next time I will cook this a few minutes longer. I took this as dessert to a family lunch and it was a big hit. I was also to take some to a neighbour as a Thank You for a favour they had done for me but the small plate of 6 pieces was strangely missing from the refridgerator and DH was trying very hard not to look guilty LOL. Needless to say I will have to make more for the neighbour and to satisfy the other tummys that liked this so much. I can see this recipe appearing often by popular request in our family too. Please see my rating system, any recipe that gets stolen and cleaned out from under my nose is worth 5 stars in my book any day. Thanks for an excellent recipe :)

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kiwidutch June 29, 2006

Holy guacamole....I have never tasted anything like this. I made this to the recipe...how sinful...how delicious...how can I not make this again?

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Fairy Nuff October 30, 2005


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Chef Dee October 09, 2005
Cappuccino Nanaimo Bars